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Cooking Tips! Cook Like a Chef

Cooking tips continues with tips 5 thru 8

5. Keep your recipes organized.

Nothing is more frustrating when youíre ready to start cooking then not being able to find your recipe. Keep things organized by finding a system for filing your recipes that you can keep close at hand in the kitchen. A great option is to buy one of those photo albums where you peel back a plastic sheet and underneath is a sticky surface. This makes recipes easy to find and at any time you can remove or replace them! more cooking tips

6. Stop foods from sticking to the pan.

To keep food from sticking to the bottom of your pans, try to avoid ever putting cold foods into a hot pan. Also, donít put food into a pan that is not perfectly clean, otherwise the resulting build up could lead to burned food.

7. Stop water from boiling over.

To keep pans from boiling over when cooking, add a thin layer of butter around the rim of the pan. This works well for rice, pasta and potatoes. I've also found putting in a wooden spoon stops boil over.

8. Avoid oozing egg whites.

Do your eggs ooze out some of their whites when you boil them? This is because every egg contains an air pocket at the larger, rounded end. When placed in simmering water the air pocket expands and creates a higher atmospheric pressure within the egg than in the water. The fragile shell cracks from the built-up pressure. Avoid this problem in the future by removing eggs from the refrigerator and piercing the larger end with a pin. This will give the air a hole to escape through!

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My wife was a diabetic for over 40 years until she received a pancreas transplant recently. Healthy food has always been something we strived for and, of course, our menu had to be planned around her needs.

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